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  1. FOIA for a NFA item?

    Has anybody ever sent in a freedom of information act request to see a bit more of the history of their NFA item? I know they would not be able to show previous owners because they are tax records but would you be able to see paperwork possibly about it’s registration and manufacture?
  2. Lage suomi drum mag carriers

    I believe Mr. Lage originally sold them for $40/each. I spoke with him and they are currently redesigning them so none will be available for the next six months. I’m going to a subgun match next month so I was hoping to find something better than sticking them in my pockets. I guess it would really depend on the condition of the carriers.
  3. Looking to buy 2-3 Suomi drum mag carriers.
  4. Machine pistol baffle strike?

    Aklys got back with me and said they thought it was a piece of carbon that broke off in the expansion chamber and deflected a bullet. They said it was bent like a banana. Thankfully the tube was undamaged and Aklys said they would fix and upgrade my suppressor for free.
  5. I had a baffle strike on my aklys pilum can today and cannot figure out what went wrong. Everything was tight on it and even after the baffle strike the can was still securely mounted to the barrel. I was shooting a full auto mac 11 without a stock and am wondering if the rapid recoiling of the gun could cause this?
  6. Was looking at their Voere 2005 .22lr. Looks like I missed out on it though. Cant find one for sale anywhere else.
  7. Just looking to see if anybody had bought anything from these guys. Found them online and was considering buying a MG from them.
  8. WTB Lage m11/22

    looking for a m11/22 kit for a m11/9.
  9. Making a custom upper for a MG

    Thank you for the information theredneckengineer. That MG 34 conversion from BRP was very similar to what I was trying to do. I guess its back to the drawing board.
  10. Delay in mailing out approved forms?

    My dealer got my form 4 back finally. I submitted a request for a certified copy at 30 days and a week later he got the original form with stamp. Not sure what happened but glad its over with. I assume you are the author of The Mac Man book? I really enjoyed reading it, great job.
  11. Lage Max31a Trouble

    I just got my mac 11 in and tried out my lage upper and the bolt keeps getting stuck in the back of its travel. I have a short mk2 Lage upper and it runs perfect with my lower. For some reason the max31a feels like something is binding near the end of the bolts travel. I cant really figure out what is binding. Has anybody else had a similar issue?
  12. Making a custom upper for a MG

    Thank you for all of the help. My first couple designs failed but I recently came up with another idea that I believe could work better. The idea is to make an adapter that allows a Mac m11a1 to attach to a PTR mp5 clone. I attached an image of my idea below. Please note that nothing is to scale and I am not an engineer. I am thinking that starting with an existing trigger pack and modifying the sear arm to interface with the bolt would be the easiest way. To my eye, it should not be able to be fired without the registered mac lower since the hammer would not have spring tension. I am still trying to save up for a PTR so I am sure that the design will change once I can actually see what is going on inside of it. Any thoughts? I would hate to waste a lot of time and then figure out the ATF doesn't care for my design..
  13. test

  14. Test

    Hello see below
  15. Delay in mailing out approved forms?

    I’m still waiting on a form 4 to arrive approved on 4/24. The wait for my first MG seems never ending.