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  1. Here are some pictures, it is raidused for an original bolt, but is not yet milled for the stock attachment or cocking handle. http://imgur.com/gallery/mm2WOnz
  2. I have a milled repair section for an Mp34, could be used for either a semi-auto build or post sample. Any questions or for pictures message here or text 316 648-6032. $400 shipped.
  3. JDI imported SG 550P. Includes Swiss stock, Stgw.90 bayonet, proper Swiss hog-tail sling, original manual, hard case, three 30 rd. magazines, five 20 rd. magazines, 20+ Swiss 5.56 strippers, magazine loading spoon, and muzzle cover. Bought new from JDI in 2020, fresh from Switzerland. SOLD
  4. I am looking for a Boys AT rifle, either Mk.I or Mk.I*, rechambered in .50 BMG. Preferably with magazines and assecories. I can be reached at j.lawrence.helena@gmail.com or (316) 648-6032
  5. Does any one have any dimensions for the 2in sub-cal Piat practice rounds? I know they require a little tray in the trough to use, and I have the load data for the propelling charge.
  6. I know DocAV has reloaded for 55, using .50 BMG cases and a belt soldered on. From what I remember talking to him it is a very labour intensive process, then there is the issue of projectiles. Recently a friend of mine picked up a Boys Mk.I that was expertly converted to .50 BMG, and it is fun to shoot. Especially since you can easily get all sorts of interesting projectiles.
  7. Not suprised to see gunboards on that list, it went to shit long ago.
  8. I am looking for Sjögren Automatic Shotgun in good, shootable condition, and have money set aside for a serious seller. If you have on or know of one for sale please let me know.
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