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  1. JDI imported SG 550P. Includes Swiss stock, Stgw.90 bayonet, proper Swiss hog-tail sling, original manual, hard case, three 30 rd. magazines, five 20 rd. magazines, 20+ Swiss 5.56 strippers, magazine loading spoon, and muzzle cover. Bought new from JDI in 2020, fresh from Switzerland. SOLD
  2. I am looking for a Boys AT rifle, either Mk.I or Mk.I*, rechambered in .50 BMG. Preferably with magazines and assecories. I can be reached at j.lawrence.helena@gmail.com or (316) 648-6032
  3. Does any one have any dimensions for the 2in sub-cal Piat practice rounds? I know they require a little tray in the trough to use, and I have the load data for the propelling charge.
  4. Anybody reloading .55 Boys?

    I know DocAV has reloaded for 55, using .50 BMG cases and a belt soldered on. From what I remember talking to him it is a very labour intensive process, then there is the issue of projectiles. Recently a friend of mine picked up a Boys Mk.I that was expertly converted to .50 BMG, and it is fun to shoot. Especially since you can easily get all sorts of interesting projectiles.
  5. Ah, finally a good solid figure, thank you.
  6. HK expert BANNED from HK Pro...

    Not suprised to see gunboards on that list, it went to shit long ago.
  7. I am looking for Sjögren Automatic Shotgun in good, shootable condition, and have money set aside for a serious seller. If you have on or know of one for sale please let me know.