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  1. I plan on this years renewal to be my last. Can someone tell me when I can start disposing of my post samples and not require letters? And does anyone have a sample letter I can use that I will need to attach to my form 3's indicating I'm giving up my SOT? Thanks
  2. Did you ever find an answer to this? I am in the same boat.
  3. SOT renewal

    Mine arrived today as well.
  4. 2 weeks later and they still haven't updated.
  5. Do you have the specific E-file email address? I sent PDF's to NFA@ATF.GOV yesterday. Thanks
  6. I went to do a FORM 3 in E-File and when i went to select the firearms in my drop down list, the Manufacturers information was missing so when I went to submit the form it was blank. As I was double checking my online inventory, I noticed two of my machine guns were not even listed which will prevent me from using E-File. Has anyone else encountered this and how did you correct the problem. I spoke to two different ATF employees yesterday, neither of which had a clue and I am less than confident they will be of any help fixing this.
  7. I have 13 east german AK-74 5.45x39 mags and 4 what I believe are Bulgarian AK-74 mags. Asking $70 each for the German and $50 each for the Bulgarians. If you purchase 4, i will throw in the magazine carrier that holds four mags. Shipping will be $8 for one mag or $15 for 2-8. minus the ReMoVe
  8. WTS: SWD M11/9 Transferable $8,000

    SOLD pending funds 12/22/2020
  9. WTS: SWD M11/9 Transferable $8,000

    I can be reached at minus the REMOVE to avoid spam.
  10. I have a transferable M11/9. Purchased new from TACT INC in 2003. Will EFILE Form 3 to your SOT. Will come with one factory zytel magazine. Shipping will be $100 USPS registered mail insured for full value. BP FIREARMS FFL/SOT 03
  11. Since you transferred it to a PD, I'm assuming you did it on a tax free form 5? In which case, if the PD transfers it for you, it's a tax free form 5 going to the new owner. That being said, a very famous class 3 guy went to prison for doing such a thing to avoid paying the $200 on several items. The purchaser will have to have Law Letter.
  12. Does FA fire give probable cause?

    A coasty doesn't have the authority to arrest outside of his title 14 USC authority while conduction official duties so unless your firing a machine gun in open waters tell them to get bent.