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  1. I think this tread is drifting. This isn’t a civics or constitutionality debate. If no one can cite a specific example, then I would say this thread has ran its course and should be locked. Lee
  2. Still fighting with this. Can no one look at theirs as see if this happened or if that firing pin retracts on its own? They made hundreds of thousands of them. Surely after a month of asking someone has one they can take out and look? Lee
  3. Did ANYONE read the disclaimer? I am not looking for an opinion, “just pay the money”, or the like. Seriously does anyone actually believe you would actually be persecuted, and a jury trial would sentence you to 10 years in jail, and a $10,000 fine for not putting a couple of words on a registered firearm that has an approved form 1 and all the original markings intact? 20 years of owning NFA items and not once has anyone ever asked to see any of my paper work and to be honest, I am not in a huge hurry to deface this one that has a historical significance and has made it 60 years without being scribbled on. So… back to my original question, has anyone actually every gotten in trouble for this? If we are being honest, isn’t every approved form 1 not engraved for a little bit? It is a pretty straight forward question when does a little bit of time turn into a lot then into you forgot to do it completely? If it turns out the risk is a “fix it” ticket and a $500 fine I might be willing to roll the dice and before anyone comments, they are my dice to roll not yours. Lee
  4. I have a questions regarding NFA/DD engraving. I would like to preface these questions with a few disclaimers: I am not asking for legal advice (as I have attorneys for this), opinions or anecdotal hyperbole as this not a “lost in a boating accident” sort of thing, I am just trying to understand the regulation and my options. I have not broken any laws, nor am I admitting to the intent to subvert any rules of law - just looking for anyone with any first hand knowledge on the subject. Phew, not that that is out of the way. What is the penalty for not engraving an NFA item? Specifically, Title 26, USC Section 5842(c) and in the event of a trust registered DD firearm, to whom would the penalty apply? Has there ever been a record of an individual or trust being fined or prosecuted under this code? Would the age of the firearms predating the GCA of 1968 have any impact on this? In this particular case, the original Title 1 receiver markings submitted on the form 1 - model, serial number, company and country or origin are present and legible. It is also not 100% clear (or at least not as clear as say a machinegun) what should be engraved in the event of a destructive device. “(c)Identification of destructive device Any firearm classified as a destructive device shall be identified in such manner as the Secretary may by regulations prescribe.“ in contrast to: “(a)Identification of firearms other than destructive devices Each manufacturer and importer and anyone making a firearm shall identify each firearm, other than a destructive device, manufactured, imported, or made by a serial number which may not be readily removed, obliterated, or altered, the name of the manufacturer, importer, or maker, and such other identification as the Secretary may by regulations prescribe.” It seems as though this would fall under 26 USC 5871, but again.. what in the world does, “shall be identified in such manner as the Secretary may by regulations prescribe”. If this is too taboo a topic for the forum or is in poor form, please lock it and I will take the questions to my local field office and attorney. Thanks in advance. Lee
  5. That should be from the FM. I am coming to that conclusion as I can feel it binding. Then push down on the sear/trigger it won’t reset unless I pull back on the hammer. Another way to describe it is the trigger has no tension on it after firing where others I have felt have some return to it. I’ll get and get some new videos soon. Lee
  6. If you are the new owner, you could just email and request a certified copy of the ATFs copy. If they mailed it 6 weeks ago it is lost. Lee
  7. Can no one comment on if this is normal? The launcher gets bound up all the time requiring the stock to be removed because the firing pin is stuck on an empty case. Sometimes even with an empty chamber the action won’t open back up. Lee
  8. As mentioned in the PM, but for everyone’s sake as well, Jerry also has one or two complete launchers left. Lee
  9. The pin is fine and so is the spring unless it is the wrong one and way underpowered. In the video you can see and I think hear where it almost clicks when it comes unbound. It does this even with the firing pin removed so I assume it is binding of the hammer on the sear. Lee
  10. This is what I am asking about. Does anyone else trigger not go back to the detent automatically and have to be manually retracted? On mine if you dry fire it with a spent case, it binds the gun and the action will not open without removing the stock and manually retracting the hammer. Lee
  11. Updated the original post. Lee
  12. Does anyone’s M79 hammer/firing pin stay forward when fired - i.e. firing pin protruding forward of the breech face (.050”) with the hammer resting against it? Thanks in advance. Lee
  13. I don’t really want to open up the M212 holes to be able to install them in the field or drag out a tool to press them in. Not saying I am going to do it, but I wonder what the penalty would be if you were out in the middle or a desolate desert with a dozen or so and happened across the worlds most informed park ranger. Lee
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