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  1. Sendra XM15E2 lower half conversion by Neal Smith. Has old style 2 position stock. In my collection for 21 years. $22000 Fleming sear in safe, semi, full ambi pack. Has late style ejector, XX hammer with pinned strut set up for 9mm. Comes with 2 HK pictogram grip housings, one for SP5K and one for "normal" shelf. Both clipped and pinned. $35000SPF Tromix Saiga 12ga 8 inch bbl still NIB. Tony no longer builds these. $2500 I am no longer 01/03 so must transfer on Form 4. I can provide both seller and buyer references. Buyer pays all taxes, fees, shipping and insurance. Funds in full must clear before paperwork will start. Contact me by PM. Thanks for looking.
  2. M11/9 w/Lage package

    Sorry BM, should be marked SOLD.
  3. An Introduction

    Yes, drop me a pm or call eight five 9 3 six 1 nine 6 1 five. Barry
  4. An Introduction

    Hello Mike. Do you still have my Group Ins 1919A4?
  5. Tromix S17 NIB

  6. Tromix S17 NIB

  7. M11/9 w/Lage package

  8. Tromix S17 NIB

    Out of production 8in SBS, original owner with paper trail as documentation as delivered in Plano case. Still unfired since leaving Tromix. Classic build with rails and short reset trigger. Two ProMag 20 rd drums, one MDArms drum and three 12 rd nanner mags. $2000 in Kentucky, Form 4 starts when funds clear. Buyer pays tax, S&H and insurance.
  9. M11/9 w/Lage package

    M11/9 bought new in 2000 from Clyde Armory. Lage Max-11 with maybe 300 rds thru it, I've never fired the original upper. Other Lage upgrades are gas buster and safety. Package includes original box, original and extra parts, Zytel and metal mags all as shown in pic. Must transfer on Form 4 to your dealer or to individual in KY. Buyer to pay xfer tax and shipping insurance. I will cover actual shipping cost if not picked up in person. $8000, bank cashiers check or USPS money order starts the paperwork. Can ship everything except lower receiver after funds clear. SPF
  10. SOLD: Fleming Sear in Ambi Pack, $30k

    New member of Sturm, longtime reader. I'm in Ky. How can I contact you?