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  1. WTB Transferable M60

    Looking for a transferable m60 that does not have a registered trunnion.
  2. There are at least 5 MPLs purchased by a PD that Reed Knight was able to purchase from them and register.
  3. Hello, looking to buy any and all Mg parts kits. Preferably older kits with original barrels but that’s not required. Will entertain Pretty much anything from a sten on up. Let me know what you have. Can buy collections, multiples of any one kit, and individual kits. Please message for fastest response. thanks, GPS
  4. Looking to purchase the following Transferable Machine Guns: C&R MG42 Mendoza LMG JCB DIAS Walther MPL/K M134 Minigun Trejo Machine Pistol Colt XM16E1 Colt 601 Colt 602 Colt Commando (Commando marked lower receiver) S&W Machine Pistol Sear Cash or Trade Ready to go for the right weapons! Please feel free to message here or email direct at
  5. Looking for transferable and/or presample Machine guns that are dewatted, broken (does not matter how severe, I have purchased weapons with broken receivers in the past) or not built. Basically looking for anything that cannot function in its present form. No project too big or small! Feel free to message here, or email directly at Serious buyer with cash or trade ready to go!
  6. Located everything on my list! Thanks again! Please close.
  7. WTB Transferable MG42

    Consolidating ads. Please lock.
  8. WTB Transferable MG42

    Looking for a transferable mg42. Form 4 or 3 is alright. Non numbers matching is Ok as well. Would entertain any and all weapons!
  9. WTB M60 Rail Set

    Found thanks again.
  10. WTB M60 Rail Set

  11. WTB M60 Rail Set

    Hello, I am looking for a set of full auto m60 rails that are ready to rivet together, no warping or drilling rivet holes, etc. Cash in hand ready to go, need them ASAP.
  12. Looking for: AUG OD Magazines Full auto conversion parts Barrels Left Hand Bolt Bolt Sleeve FAL Argentinian FAL Magazines Argentinian Charging handle knob (or compatible) Argentinian Para Folder stock detent lever. (the button/lever assembly pushed on the bottom of the stock to fold or extend the stock) Argentinian Para folder rear sight assembly or parts (or compatible) HK 93/33 magazines HK53 front end, barrel. bolt group assembly, or parts kit HK53/33/MP5 Fixed Stock MP5K/N Parts kit or front end assembly with barrel MP5SD Parts kit or front end assembly 4 position trigger packs, housings, or parts G36E Parts kit German only please AK AK47 Full auto bolt carrier AK47 bolt AK47 folding stock assembly (need everything including the parts that go into the receiver) AK47 top cover AK47 Full auto FCG parts AK47 recoil rod assembly with spring Furniture (pistol grip and handguards, with or without gas tube) All parts are for stamped receiver guns, chinese parts are preferred but not required. M60 USGI (or similar, buildable, in spec) Full auto Rail set E1 Top cover stripped or complete Bolt in good condition, doesnt have to be new, but no major chipping. Gas Tube in Like new or VG condition E1 Rear Sight Charging handle Thompson 1928 or 1928a1 Thompson Lower Receiver complete, stripped partially finished, etc. all are fine. Would also entertain a complete parts kit. Thanks! Please PM with what you have!