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  1. I could be mistaken but your oddball FAL mags might be Korean. Do they have drain holes on the spine?
  2. Nevermind figured out a way to mod the Bren mags to use AK47 magazine springs. Tedious to mod them but so far looks promising. Just need to field test the mags and tweak them. Still haven't found a replacement for the FAL 30rd mags. Too bad there is not a direct spring replacement for the L4A1 type 30rd FAL mag springs. But at least I've made some progress on the Bren Mags.
  3. I can understand that. Just that the carbon fiber ones were awesome for the decreased weight. I have one of the 1980's style Predator packs already. Mainly looking for the weight savings and the cool factor.
  4. Any idea if you will be making more? Seems like there are people wanting them. I really regret not buying one when they were available.
  5. I still haven't found one. Anyone know why these are so hard to find? I've tried contacting Silencerco but all I get is excuses or a canned response. Still want to buy one. I am willing to pay for it. Just about bought an entire shotgun rig just to get the adapter lol.
  6. I have about 150 or so Bren mags. But I like to replace the springs of my mags with new springs if at all possible. Been thinking that if I could find 30rd FAL mag springs might be able to adapt them to run the Bren mags. Or possibly AK47 40rd magazine springs. I was hoping someone else had come up with an alternative to spring that are 70-80 years old. So does anyone know of a source.
  7. Does anyone know of a source for replacement springs for the 30rd .303 British Magazines for the Bren Light Machinegun? Been wanting to retrofit my Bren mags with modern spring as the older springs in these mags are very weak. Was wondering if there were any other springs that could be made to work such as AK47 magazine springs etc.. Also wanting to know if anyone knows of a source of replacement springs for 30rd FAL metric magazines both straight and the converted Metric L4A1 British mags. I have DSA 30rd straight mags that work fine in semi but don't work so well with full auto. Wondering if there is a viable commercial replacement. I know Wolff Gunsprings make the extra power 20rd mag springs but don't have a 30rd offering. Thanks all, Viking Arms
  8. Thanks I appreciate the responses. Was curious what they go for. Kinda hard to tell since they don't come up for sale often. Another question are the presamples that come up for sale Mag58s that have been converted into M240s or are there actual presample M240s?
  9. I'm curious on what pre may dealer sample keeper prices are on a pre may Mag58 or 240. Anyone know what they go for and how many there are? I've seen the transferable version advertised and talked about hut almost nothing about pre mays. Thanks all
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