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  1. 40mm ammo

    Thanks, I ordered some of their stuff a few days ago!
  2. 40mm ammo

    Any luck? I'm looking also...
  3. WTB 40MM less lethal ammo/components

    I'm interested also. Just sent of form 1. Need to get my hands on something to shoot out of it when I can put the barrel on...
  4. WTS: Transferable HK23E $39k

    Keep me in mind if you change your mind. Thanks
  5. WTS: Transferable HK23E $39k

    Would you consider selling the 7.62 conversion separately?
  6. Okay so I'm kind of new to class 3 I have an s h sear in lockup and looking to maybe add another. Is this a single stamp because the trigger pack is in it and when you take it out you have to remove the stock and foregrip making it a pistol? Otherwise to keep the stock and foregrip it would need to be an SBR. Correct?
  7. S&H HK SEF sear pack, $27k

    pm sent
  8. I was hoping to see the answer as well...