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  1. M76 mags

    There's one on GB for $450 right now.
  2. FYI. Your '28 Colt was built by Craig Jordan using an Argentine parts kit. Notice the "small crown" stamp on the RSP located above the bottom plate's third rivet from the rear and below the trigger pin take down hole. That small crown stamp stands for Tiffany Arms, Craig Jordan's company.
  3. WTS: MG51 Belt Loader

    Yes it does. This Swiss belt loader is a work of art. I have one and use it to load .308 ammo into MG34/42 belts all the time.
  4. Could you please post some pictures?
  5. WTB: Factory Belt Fed Post Dealer Samples

    I have a post sample MG34 available.
  6. HK expert BANNED from HK Pro...

    Just add this site's entries to your HOSTS file and all adds disappear forever. They publish updates every couple of months. ==> <== I've been using their updated HOSTS file for two years and have encountered no glitches.
  7. HK expert BANNED from HK Pro...

    It's all about clicks on a website. The more clicks you have, the more you can charge advertisers and hot link sites.
  8. HK expert BANNED from HK Pro...

    So Tony, why did they do this?
  9. WTB: Swiss Meili SIG 550 Hard Case

    Contact Rolf Schaufelberger at Gun Factory in Rudolfstetten, Switzerland. If anyone can help you find this case, it's Rolf.
  10. Steyr Aug (Pre Sample) package

    A picture of the serial number on the receiver would be appreciated. Who is listed as the manufacturer on the Form 3?
  11. WTS Valmet M78 308 THREE MAGAZINES $15,999

    Who is listed as the manufacturer on the Form 4?
  12. Please show the serial number(s) on the receiver, barrel, and bolt carrier.
  13. SPF--MP 40 bnz 42 all matching original German SMG

    Yes it is a beautiful weapon, but please correct me if I'm wrong. Didn't every factory original MP40 have the front sling loop on the right side? I believe it was done this way to keep the bolt handle free and easy to grab. If I am wrong, can someone please post an original WWII picture showing the front sling loop on the left side.
  14. M2 Ball 30-06 surplus

    Post your target price and see if you get any bites.