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  1. USPS Registered and Insured. Have a local FFL take it to the Post Office with you. Have him do the shipping and you reimburse him for the postage and his service.
  2. machinegunpriceguide dot com is your friend.
  3. Did Meili charge you for the keys?
  4. This is a Meili "Standard" rifle case. Do you have the keys for it?
  5. Does the Meili case have the keys (2)?
  6. Who was the manufacturer of your AUG?
  7. Post your target price. And no, I do not have one to offer you. Here was the last HK 93/33 conversion I saw on GB: EXTREMELY RARE UNICORN HK FACTORY SEMI -AUTO HK93 .22 CONVERSION KIT! - Other Rifle Accessories & Parts at GunBroker.com : 975553662
  8. Looks like an M16 upper receiver assembly mated to an AR15 lower receiver assembly:
  9. Post your target price.
  10. Seller and buyer in different states: Seller Form-4 to SOT in buyer state. SOT in buyer state Form-4 to buyer. Seller and buyer in same state: Seller Form-4 to buyer.
  11. Yes. Bill Fleming's case was just the opposite. A PD/SO was getting mgs and then transferring them to him via Form 5s.
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