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  1. Have a transferable AK that has a threaded barrel, not pinned. Muzzle is threaded in 24x1.5 would like it turned down to 14x1 Lh. Any recommendations ?
  2. Looking for a mac11 in 380. Small or large magwell. Thanks.
  3. What is the going rate for a PPSH 41 ?
  4. Looking for 223 valmet magazine or conversion magazines.
  5. Are you interested in a closed bolt setup ?
  6. Has anyone every purchased from urban armory ? What has your experience been ?
  7. Have been involved in the NFA world for over 4 years now. Own several MG's and have always wanted an M2. Besides its weight and ammo costs, what else should I consider ? Are they worth the hassle ?
  8. Looking for 7.62x39 sear host. can be ptr or another custom build. juan
  9. Looking for a transferable AK, preferably fixed stock.
  10. Looking for slow fire bolt from Barrel Xchange. Thanks, Juan
  11. https://www.cwgunwerks.com/ Tel. 786-478-6565 FFL 07/02 that specializes in AK's. His work is incredible. Ask for Carlos.
  12. I am in a similar boat as you. I know several AK smiths who can handle these projects but In Range Inc. I think does the best work. http://inrangec2.com/ . The conversions won't be cheap but 5.45 is more forgiving to shoot recoil wise. Also try to avoid an underfolder if possible, that requires a decent amount of work to make either a folder or fixed stock.
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