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  1. You're "Peter" who emailed me that you would take this right? I sent you a reply accepting your purchase! I need you to email me your particulars so I can calculate the shipping. Thanks, you'll love it, it's Super Minty man!
  2. All that I've listed below for the ZB26 as a package deal for $7000.00 plus shipping! That's about $1000.00 in savings! Give me a shout if you have any questions! Email: c_monster@yahoo.com
  3. For Sale: ZB26 Magazine Carrying Chest hold 12 or 13 ZB26 mags - no mags included, just the Mag Carrying Chest! $250.00 plus shipping.
  4. For Sale: 4 ZB26 Bolts Mint Condition $500 + Shipping. And Barrel Latch included!
  5. For Sale: ZB26 .308 caliber barrel - it is sleeved in .308 from a chinese 7.62x39 barrel. Needs a carry handle. $1000.00 + Shipping. Includes ZB Barrel Carrying Bag too.
  6. Complete ZB26 parts kit for sale, Mint Condition - $2500.00 Includes 8mm barrel as well as all other parts.
  7. ZB26 - 12 magazines (twenty rounders 8mm) in the magazine carrying box (metal) $1500.00 + shipping.
  8. 8mm 1919A4 Barrel, Brand New, in the "White." $300.00 shipped. 8mm 1919A4 Barrel made by Ohio Ordnance, a converted MG34 barrel - Good Condition $250 Shipped.
  9. Vickers .30 caliber Barrel, stamped MGM, Nice Condition. $500.00 Shipped. Thanks, Jeff
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