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  1. Looking to buy an AAC 51T M.I.T.E.R. Flash Hider threaded for 5/8"x24. The model I'm looking for is the 7.62 model that is longer than the standard AAC 51T and is no longer in production. Let me know what you've got. Thanks!
  2. Looking to buy a Match Weight that would fit either the Full-size HK USP 9 or USP 40. Would be interested in either an original or reproduction USP match weight, however I'm mainly looking for the steel model without a rail on the bottom if it is one of the reproduction ones made by Matchweight. Let me know what you've got. Thanks!
  3. Pretty sure these are made specifically for the UMP's "flange" mount that are on the OEM HK UMP .45 barrels, it is not a typical tri-lug mount. HDPS also makes new production flanged UMP .45 barrels that would work with these. https://imgur.com/a/HAWMNwN
  4. Booster assembly has been found, thanks!
  5. Looking to buy an Advanced Armament Co. (AAC) M9-QD or M9-SD suppressor and barrel for the Beretta 92. It uses the same Snap-On mechanism that the KAC XM9 suppressors use however it uses conventional baffles instead of wipes. Preferably looking for one in good condition, does not need to be a brand new safe queen though. Only looking for the barrel and suppressor at this time since I already have a host Beretta 92 in mind to use it with.
  6. Looking to buy a Laser Devices Inc./Steiner OTAL, specifically the non-IR version with the red visible laser. Preferably looking for one of the older models when the company still went by Laser Devices Inc. (Model P/N19101) But I would still consider one of the newer production visible laser OTAL's. Thanks!
  7. Looking to buy a new 1/2x28 Booster assembly for the B&T Impuls suppressors. I've seen a few of the booster assemblies floating around for the new B&T USA Impuls suppressors, but can't seem to find any of the 1/2x28 threaded boosters in stock anywhere, only the 13.5x1LH ones. The UPC is: 840225708967 and part number is: BT-122874
  8. Barrel has been found, thanks! Looking to buy a barrel in good condition for my FAL kit build. Specifically I'm looking for a 21" Imbel-made barrel. The only thing that really matters is that the barrel must have the cut to accept a bipod. With or without a gas block installed is fine, would honestly prefer one without the gas block installed. Thanks!
  9. BTT, mainly just looking for one of the B&T USA cans, but I may consider a CCF if I'm unable to locate one of the newer ones.
  10. Looking to buy a B&T Impuls-IIA .45 Suppressor made for the H&K Mark 23, specifically looking for one of the newer B&T USA made ones as they did a couple runs of them in 2021 and 2022 (Model SD-987900-US). Would have to transfer to my dealer on a Form 3 since I'm an individual. Thanks!
  11. APC grip has been found, thanks! Looking to buy a Pistol Grip for the B&T APC Pro series of guns. It is an AR-style grip that comes factory on the APC 9/45 Pro as well as the recent APC .223 imports. I haven't been able to find anywhere that sells just the grips by themselves so I thought I would check if there was anyone that would be willing to part with their factory grip if they've already replaced it with something else. Thanks!
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