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  1. WTS: COLT model "M4 Commando" 6933 New, SBR, Form 3

    Email sent. Interested.
  2. Items for sale

    The only remaining item is the Swedish K
  3. Items for sale That is email. It is in a post above too. Thanks.
  4. Items for sale

    Already did see prior post.
  5. Items for sale

    Swedish K presample remains. all other items are SPF.
  6. Items for sale
  7. Items for sale

    please message me with what you have in mind
  8. WTB Kassnar Hungarian AK

  9. WTB LWRC 45 SMG

  10. Items for sale

    Integrally suppressed 22/45 Ruger is sold pending funds
  11. Items for sale

    ATI/GSG MP40 SBR is sold pending funds
  12. Items for sale

    Good evening everyone. I have a few items I am selling to thin out my inventory a bit. These are all on Form 3 ready for Eform transfer: 1. Shooter grade Presample MP40. Not a museum piece but shoots great. Non matching. 1 mag. $9000 Sold 2. GSG/ATI SBR MP40 semi auto 9mm New in box. 922r compliant folding stock set installed and properly registered. 1 mag. $999 Sold 3. Presample Swedish K Carl Gustav M45 M/45 Excellent. Parkerized finish. $15000 Sold 4. Integrally suppressed Innovative Arms Ruger 22/45 Mark IV 22 pistol. Barely used. Only a few test mags through it. Super quiet and easy to clean one button takedown. 1 tax stamp serialized suppressor. Tru glo fiber front sight. $1250 Sold I will add more pictures as requested.
  13. Looking to buy a Kassnar imports pre ban hungarian AK. prefer complete kit with box and accessories but depends on price. Prefer fixed wood stock but I understand those are more rare. Underfolder is OK too. Thank you.
  14. WTB LWRC 45 SMG

    yes I did see that review. still kind of want one in a demented sort of way
  15. WTB LWRC 45 SMG

    Looking to buy a new or very nice used LWRC SMG 45 Please message me. Thanks.