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  1. WTB 'URU' parts kit

    Looking to buy a URU parts kit. I know, I should have secured one 25yrs ago when they were available...

    I have tried to email you info and photos at the address you provided but get messages stating that address does not exist. Maybe the problem is at my end, but could you confirm your email address? I tried it deleting the ‘no spam’ and including it; same message...
  3. WTB Argentine 1898 Maxim

    PM left
  4. I am looking for around twenty (20) REM 870 parts kits in 12 gauge. Everything but the receiver. I would prefer Police Magnum kits or Wingmaster kits but will take what I can get. Barrel length and condition not important. Call or text me at (510) 406-2962. Thanks!
  5. WTS MP5 A2 'SEF' lower complete parts set. Receiver hacksaw cut. All German, 1996 date. This was a low round count gun from a local Sheriff's Department. Past Sheriff didn't want his deputies using F/A weapons so it was rarely deployed. Bore is excellent. When it was cut up the rivited shell deflector was cut in half. Roller lockup measurement is well within spec. Comes with a B+T 'low profile' rail sight base. $1000 delivered.
  6. WTB: Beretta PM12S parts kit

    Is the PM12S the same as the 12S? I have a 12S kit that I will probably never build. What is it worth?
  7. WTB 1918 BAR

    Are you looking for a transferable or 'post sample' BAR?
  8. WTB Post Samples

    I will have German MP-5's with burst coming....waiting on Form 5's. Interested?
  9. BAR gas tube. With regulator. Very Good condition. $400 shipped (US only.)
  10. Early (forged) BAR bipod. Complete. Excellent condition. $400 shipped (US only.)
  11. Value of Post-Sample MP-5's?

    Thank You for your time and response. I might have a couple MP-5 Burst A3’s; do they bring any more $$ than the standard A2 with SEF lowers? They will require law letters; they are coming from a police department...
  12. WTS Beretta 1938 parts..Stock has buttplate with correct screws, trigger guard with NO screws, magwell metal with incorrect screws. Rear sling hanger present. Stock is in pretty good condition, some gouges present behind the sling hanger. Chamber, bore and rifling are serviceable. Damage to last two threads at muzzle; will require 'chasing' with file or die. front inch of receiver with partial magwell present. Bolt, extractor and its spring are in Very Good condition, slight pitting to bolt face that will not affect function. Firing pin and its spring in Very Good condition. $350 shipped. PP, postal money order. More photos available.
  13. Beretta 1938 parts to include stock with steel trap buttplate, trigger guard, magwell metal (incorrect screws.) Includes barrel with great bore, has a 'munch' to the last two threads of muzzle that will require chasing with a die or file. Includes bolt and firing pin. Extractor and spring work. Bolt and firing pin in Very Good condition. Includes short torch cut section of forward receiver and magwell. Stock is serviceable, only serious damage is gouges behind sling bar from sling hooks. No other parts available. Photos available upon request; for some reason I was not able to upload photos. $500 shipped
  14. Value of Post-Sample MP-5's?

    Thank You very much for your time and insight!
  15. Value of Post-Sample MP-5's?

    What can I reasonably expect to sell several Post-Sample MP-5's for? Standard A2's, maybe an A3 in there as well. Good-Very Good condition, light surface scratches from average P.D. use, probably less than 5k rounds. Very little wear to internals, rollers within spec, not breaking roller plates excessively. Thanks for the advice!