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  1. Yes its true, KC website has posted the depressing news!!
  2. WTS FBP M/48 Parts kit

    Pm sent
  3. price is high, thats why its not selling... $1000 please
  4. WTS: .50bmg ammo $1.70-$1.90

    Anyone in the Northwest Indiana area looking to split order on a freight shipment over 1000rds?
  5. Returning a WW2 gun to the family?

    I wouldn’t mind displaying it with my other WW2 items >BIG smile<
  6. WTB: M2HB kit

    What is the going price for the m2 kit, barrel, semi parts? Thanks
  7. WTB MG3 kit

    I missed a sweet MG3 kit deal and a few others recently. Missed the email and it sold to someone else . If you have a parts kit reasonably priced, PM me... I'm also interested in other too. Have some cash to spend for a quick sale..... Parts kits m-60 M249s (semi ok) MG3 or MG74 possibly PKM AKs w/orig barrel any others, PM me Sold my Mint Thompson 80% display and regret it.. Thompsons Barrett M82A1