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  1. Transferrable M16/38A/MAC11/BM59/M2 carbine packs

    The earlier email i sent on the day you posted the add was some type of automatic bounce back about the Covid delays etc.
  2. Transferrable M16/38A/MAC11/BM59/M2 carbine packs

    I emailed you directly. I did receive a reply each time but still waiting on the photos. Thx Vin
  3. Transferrable M16/38A/MAC11/BM59/M2 carbine packs

    I have been asking for photos of the 38a for weeks but never get any?? thx Vin
  4. WTS: Transferable WWII German MP44

    This would be a good thread to move over to the MGB maybe in the class lll forum. I have some questions too but it’s not fair to disrupt the seller on his MP44 sale.
  5. I sold an MK 760 to Ruben last year. He send me a box and packing material along with a pre addressed label. Might be a good idea to do that in the future unless the seller is a proven dependable shipper.
  6. I have one of these M1A1’s it runs like a sewing machine.
  7. WTS MP44 magazine

    Send to
  8. WTS MP44 magazine

    Any pics of the magazine?? Do you have multiples of this same one??
  9. WTS: MP-44 Mags

    Sent you an email...Vin
  10. WTB : MP40 amnesty registered, C&R

    There is one on GB all matching in nice condition you might be interested in.
  11. Suppressors , Brigadier slides/parts +more

    I will take it...sent you a pm
  12. Suppressors , Brigadier slides/parts +more

    Do you still have the 38/42 parts kit??
  13. Transferables, Beretta 38, Thompson, Norell AK22

    sent you a pm about the beretta's
  14. WTB MP40 Sling

    Sent you a pm