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  1. Interested mw@rockwallhonda.com please contact me
  2. Please send pictures and asking price of Mp38a to mw@rockwallhonda.com thanks
  3. Please email me interested mp18 send pictures mw@rockwallhonda.com 214-725-3664
  4. Interested please email mw@rockwallhonda.com 214-725-3664 cell
  5. Please contact me interested in all. I also live in Texas mw@rockwallhonda.com 214-725-3664
  6. Interested in purchasing if not already sold mw@rockwallhonda.com
  7. 1944MG42


    Interested in m60 please send pm to mw@rockwallhonda.com
  8. Please email me about 38a mw@rockwallhonda.com please contact been looking for gun cell 214-725-3664 Michael thank you
  9. Interested in barrels please email mw@rockwallhonda.com or cell 214-725-3664 left voicemail with contact information . Thank you
  10. I will take it. please email me photos mw@rockwallhonda.com thank you
  11. Please send photos mw@rockwallhonda.com Thank you sir
  12. Please send photos of BAR to mw@rockwallhonda.com ... include you contact information thank you very interested !!
  13. Mike please contact me tomorrow morning I am interested in this gun also. Thank you sir
  14. I will contact you tomorrow morning what form of contact is best email or phone call ? My cell 214-725-3664 thank you
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