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  1. Which one or ones are you interested in? mmcc18@sbcglobal.net
  2. New Surefire Multi-Caliber QD Wardens in black or dark earth. Below MAP. Text at #214-793-8275. I accept Apple Pay, CC, PP, Venmo and Zelle. CC and PP G&S are an additional 3%. Apple, PP F&F, Venmo and Zelle are no additional charge.
  3. Still have some left? mmcc18@sbcglobal.net
  4. As new Wilson Combat XTAC full size .45 1911. Comes with two mags and carry case, $2300. $20 Shipping. Texas residents add 8.25%. CC and PP G&S add 3%.
  5. New in box Barrett QDL .50 BMG Suppressor on Form 3. mmcc18@sbcglobal.net
  6. New in box Energetic Armament VOX S for $650 shipped. CC and PP G&S add 3%. Texas residents pay 8.25% sales tax. EFiled.
  7. Factory New Barrett M107A1’s for $9,800 shipped to your FFL. Available in Black or Gray. CC add 3%. Texas residents add 8.25%. mmcc18@sbcglobal.net
  8. Remington 870 12ga top folding stock stamped "Law Enforcement Only". $155 shipped
  9. Just selling.
  10. Factory new B&T APC9 with SBT side folding brace. Comes with hard case, 1 magazine and cleaning kit. RMR pictured is no longer available. Does have blem on muzzle end of top rail. $2200. Shipping to FFL $30. Texas residents add 8.25%. CC and PP G&S add 3%.
  11. Q HONEY BADGER .300BLK 7" Clear Anodized Finish, MLOK Free Float Handguard,PDW Telescoping Brace, Magpul Grip, Cherry Bomb Muzzle Brake, Radian Raptor Charging Handle, Flared Magwell. $30 Shipping. CC and PP G&S add 3%. Texas residents add 8.25%. **Pistol is new but did remove the barrel at the request of the original buyer so there are tool marks on barrel nut. Original buyer never took possession.**
  12. Factory New 7.5" Battle Arms Development Paratrooper chambered in 300blk. $2550 Factory New Primary Weapon Systems 7" MK107 chambered in 7.62x39. $Sold Benelli Nova 14" short barrel 12ga shotgun. $485 shipped. Factory new Battle Arms Development Tanker chambered in 9mm. $2700 All weapons on Form 3's ready for EFile. Shipping is $30.
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