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  1. For sale, I have a mint condition, unfired new, HK94. Date code is IH. I am the third owner. First owner stored for many years until he passed away. Second owner quickly sold it off and I purchased this along with an unfired 91. Unfortunatley, I do not have the original box. The magazine appears to be new, and it is an ID date. I do not claim to be a photographer so if you would like more photos, photos of a certain area, or anything else please let me know. I can provide references in the NFA community. I’m also open to trades for transferables. Can add cash on my end. Price is $8,000 OBO edit - error uploading pictures. Will have to figure it out. In the meantime, pm phone or email and I can send them. Sorry
  2. SAIGA 12, 107UR

    PM sent
  3. Need just the bolt carrier but will buy complete bolt and bolt carrier if needed depending on price. Prefer all German but will look at anything depending on price
  4. WTB - HK21 / 23 Mm23e/21e or...

    I’m looking for a sear ready belt fed. Please let me know what you have.