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  1. Safeshot M249 Barrel

    I believe it was probably made by Safeshot in Ransomville NY. They make sim training items, blanks, and I believe they made a cartridge that looked similar to live ammo but instead of a bullet, it shot a blue paint ball out. They also do training as well. May be worth a call to see if they made it Head Office: 2900 Braley Rd Ransomville, NY 14131 Phone: 716-222-1717 Fax: 716-222-1519 Training Center: 3745 Ransomville Road Ransomville, NY 14131 Phone: 716-222-1717
  2. need a good SOT in Maryland

    Duffy's is an excellent shop. They are located in Sparks Md.
  3. Form 4-individual to SOT times?

    I just had one come back last week. Total time door to door was 41 days
  4. BPP HK23EK feeding issues

    I cant disagree with that. Now I have a actual HK 23E/21E combo built by Dyer and it runs like a Timex
  5. BPP HK23EK feeding issues

    One other thing I would recommend. When speaking with Mike, he always told me to use 62grain M855 only as the belt guns need correct/hot ammo. He said he always had issues with 55 grain and steel case ammo, I have an HK23E and was at a shoot last year and one of the guys had a MM gun. He was having issues, he was running 55 grain ammo and we used a belt of mine and it ran great.
  6. NFA Dealer Screw up Question Steyr AUG

    I have an AUG in Purgatory at the moment. You do know they use a type of trigger where a light pull is semi auto and pull back further for full auto? If you need me to take some pics for you, I would be happy to do that