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Rules and Guidelines

All posts must comply with BATF, Federal, State and Local laws. - All Suspect Posts Will be Removed

People are looking at this board for GUN BUSINESS and INFORMATION......not profanity......keep it clean and legal and you are welcomed and its administrators cannot assume the risks of doing business or receiving and acting upon information on these boards.  The risk is yours, so know the terms of the sale, return policies, conditions, type of payments and time of delivery.  It is BEST if you have this in writing, via letter, signed fax or e-mail.  The BEST form of payment is credit card, second choice is C.O.D, followed by United States Postal Service Money Orders.


We are very limited as to having any power to settle a dispute from a transaction on our boards.  You may contact us via e-mail and we will try to mediate the issue.   Complaints can also be filed with the Postal Inspector, Better Business Bureau, States Attorneys Office, Dunn & Bradstreet or small claims court on your behalf.

Posting on Buy/Sell Boards

Post as many items as you wish, but post the same item only once until it goes off the board.   Do not continually re-post the same item at the top of the board before it falls off.  This type of activity can result in your posts being deleted.  Items are typically posted for two weeks, after which they will fall off the bottom of the board.

When posting items, if you are not prepared to ship or deliver the item in a timely fashion, please do not post that item here. If you are unable to respond to emails, please also do not post here. The same applies to buyers; if you are unable to arrange for payment with a seller in a timely fashion, please do not begin a purchase you might not be able to complete.

Please do not flame or comment on pricing... If the price is too high, then don't buy it. 

All posts should contain very accurate description(s) of the item(s) for sale, the terms of the sale, an e-mail address or name and phone number, and the times you can be reached.  Please respond directly to the individual who posted the item, and don't initiate follow up posts that string to the original post.

Read the board titles and only post business that is related to that board.  Trading boards are for posting Buy & Sell ads and any follow up information that is needed. administrators reserve the right to remove any post that they see as inappropriate, suspect, or illegal or otherwise not in the best interest of the boards.

Always use an acronym in your post as listed below.  Place the acronym before the content of your buy, sell, or trade post heading.  Posts without appropriate acronyms will be deleted.

Board Acronyms:

WTS - Want to Sell
WTB - Want to Buy
WTT - Want to Trade




WTS: Browning M1919A4 MG Manual, 1943

Always use a password when you post.  Use a simple password, something you can easily remember, and use it every time you post here. will not respond to requests for lost passwords.  Passwords are case sensitive.  Type your password slowly so that you will remember it correctly.  Use your password to delete your post later if the item sells.  You are responsible for maintaining your own posts, and we ask you to follow up on them upon sale of your item.

Do not post using a single common name, such as Tom...Joe...John....Chris...Robert....Bob....Mike....Steve...Paul...Dave....Allen....etc.  Use a last name letter, or an even more unique posting name that will easily distinguish you from others.  Posts containing single common names will be deleted.  Remember, does not require you to register like many other sites do, and therefore posting with a name distinguishable from others is a requirement. 

When posting, be specific in your title.  Provide as much specific information in your title as possible, so as not to waste the valuable time of all. 

For example, “WTS More Stuff” is not an appropriate post.  Similar posts with no preview information will be deleted. 

If you have many items, an example of an appropriate post would be, “WTS Glock,AR,SIG,AK,FAL Items”.

Be specific!  For example, if you are thinking of posting “WTS HK Accessories”... and you have 2/4 accessories...then be more specific and state which HK Accessories...HK91? HK93? G3? Mp5? HK770? HK300? HKP9S?

An example of a frequently deleted post is as follows: “WTS AK MAGS”.
There are at least 115 different types of AK mags out there.
Are they 7.62 or 5.56 or 5.45?
Are they Metal or Plastic or Bakelite or Polymer?
Are they Black or Green or Orange or Plum or Red Plastic mags?
Are they Slabside or Ribbed or Waffle?
Are they Seam back or Rolled back?
Are they Single stack or double stack?
Are they 5rd or 10rd or 15rd or 20rd or 30rd or 40rd or 45rd?
Are they new or used?
Are they Russian or Chinese or Finnish or East German or Polish or Bulgarian or Hungarian or Egyptian or Romanian or Yugoslavian?  Tell everyone in the title what kind of AK mags you are trying to find or sell.

Think your post through before posting, provide specific information, and the board will run much more efficiently for all.  Posts that do not conform to these rules may be deleted without any feedback to the person who posted them.

Posting on Forums Boards

Forums are for information exchange.  This forum is NOT to be used for personal attacks, malicious comments, improper or illegal information exchange. All questionable posts will be removed!   Any complaints with products or services should first be addressed person to person, not on the forums boards.

Common Acronyms:

WTK - Want to Know
RKI - Relatively Knowledgeable Individual


General Note on Board Usage is a private forum - moderators reserve the right to remove posts and run the board as seen fit. also reserves the right to refuse access to anyone, for any reason.