Steve K in Tn

WTS : Winchester 1200 US Shotgun , Handguard with bayonet lug $ 600

Location: East Tennessee

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I have a Mint Winchester 1200 Trench gun or riot gun correct 6 row holes , Vietnam Issue ,  Hand guard with bayonet lug , gorgeous Orig. Grey parkerized finish  I have not even wiped off with CLP yet it is as I got it , with numbers in casting on left side , perfect for US Military shotgun collector or to replace that missing guard on your US 1200 ( they is a complete US 1200 shotgun listed on GB right now for $6 Grand , I am asking $ 600 shipped , thought I would run it on here before ebay or GB, very rare piece to find on the loose , I also have an Original 1968  US manual for this shotgun somewhere I would sell also if I can find it , thanks in advance Steve K in Tn .

Win 1200 HG 1.jpg

Win 1200 HG 2 .jpg

Win 1200 HG 3 .jpg

Win 1200 HG 4 .jpg

Win 1200 HG 5 .jpg

Win 1200 HG 6 .jpg

Win 1200 HG 7.jpg

Win 1200 HG 8.jpg

Win 1200 HG 9.jpg

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Win 1200 HG 11.jpg

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