Buddy are you open to possibility of acting as a safe harbor go-between for trades between members who do not know each other?


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Members who wish to preform a trade, ship Buddy as site Moderator, their trade goods, pay via pp discreet USPS flat rate shipping costs, plus a Buddy free lunch payment to be determined by Buddy.
Upon receipt of both party trade items, Buddy then ships the trade goods to each party.
Fee's and instructions would be added to your signature, if a special Trade only forum is not created.

Maybe there can be a forum section for Trades with participating members of the community known to have impeccable reputations, like you Buddy, that are not created by shill accounts.

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NO THANKS !  ....... I've Already Served my time here 

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I only accept  PAYPAL  ZELLE or US Postal Money Orders.

Paypal / ZELLE  Required within 24 hours / US Postal Money Orders Required within 5 days

Email me DIRECTLY at   buddyhinton@hotmail.com

NO PM's or IM's 

Main Link to My Picture Albums >>  http://www.sturmgewehr.com/bhinton/

" Life's Tough ..... it's even Tougher if you're Stupid "

" My gun is not illegal .... it's just undocumented !  "

" Is calling an illegal alien an " undocumented immigrant " like calling a drug dealer an Unlicensed Pharmacist ? "


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Too bad, thought sturmgewehr.com had enacted a "Stop Loss" Policy where the action and service never ends for vital and irreplaceable personnel like yourself.

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EXODUS, while I feel your concern, at the same time I think one of the main things these sites offer is an opportunity for like minded people to come together and establish a trusting relationship  so trades and transactions can be conducted with little fear. its a simple matter to check people out with others from the board and allow it to grow. yes it could be hard f0r a new member to get a start, but certainly worth the work. its been hard for me to adapt to this new world wide webb situation. I was used to looking in shotgun news, mailing funds and getting stuff. using another as a " GO BETWEEN"  only widens the gap and builds no trust. for my own experience , one of the worst things that can happen in this atmosphere is the growth of "clics" that only support a few members. many moderators where /are  guilty of that exact thing, and I am personally glad when one looses the power they abused in the past. just my thoughts on the subject, no worries here. mike

I only accept postal money orders. contact me DIRECTLY before sending any funds                                           email  myoldiron@outlook.com        

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