Lage Mac-10/45 SMG

Location: New Braunfels,TX

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Long time lurker and the time has come to sell one of my MG's, unfortunately.

I acquired this SMG a few years ago from a gentlemen in Pennsylvania and had it sent to Sam at Practical Solutions for a complete overhaul, can provide receipts from his work.

This is a Stephenville,Texas MAC with welds that have been reinforced and fire control parts have all been replaced along with the safety, etc. Currently set up in .45

The package includes all that is shown along with the Lage upper and I have 10 spare unmodified grease gun mags (still in the wrapper/grease) that I would be willing to throw in for the right price. Also included are the Magpul iron flip up iron sights and EOtech weapon sight. Since I have owned this SMG, I have literally taken it out a handful of times and shot maybe a total of 500 rounds. No mag dumps and always cleaned after each and every use.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions. I am still trying to figure out how to attach photos, but will be more than happy to provide high resolution photos of the current set up to anyone interested.

On a Form 4 in Texas

Asking $8,500

CALL/TEXT 210-577-0420

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