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WTS: German MG42 Armorers Repair Manual, In English $28 (pics)

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English translation of the German army: HDv 181/7 - Untersuchung und Instandsetzung des Infanteriegerätes, Teil 7 - Waffentechnisches Handbuch für MG42. "Inspection and Repair of the Infantry Devices, Part 7 - Weapon Technical Handbook for the MG42."

Finally an MG42 armorers repair manual in English! This 1944 dated manual states that it is current to 4/1/1944 with all updates and revisions to that date. It's the only true German MG42 armorer's manual I've seen. This contains dimension drawings for making pressure plate, extractor, sight-line and head space gauges, other home-made tools, how to perform repairs and inspections, how to reinforce the stocks (including making and installing the not-often-seen straps on the corners of the wood stocks), and has many pages of tables on troubleshooting. Sighting in is explained in depth, and if it can go wrong, from cracks behind the Cam Piece to worn out parts, it's in here. It also contains 7 pages on the operation and disassembly of the MG42 Lafette, and has a few pages of tables showing pin, rivet and coil spring dimensions.

This is the most technically detailed manual for the MG42 available!

Warning! This it is not an operator's manual. If you need basic information about how the MG3 functions or simple repairs, this is not the manual for you. This manual assumes that you have a working knowledge of the MG42, and already know the names of the parts. It doesn't have pictures of how to wear the split strap, or assemble the bolt. A Waffenmeister would already know that. It was not written for an MG newbie who doesn't understand how the gun works. It is a manual for the person fixing the problems, not for the shooter. I emphasize this because I don't want someone buying it and being discouraged because the manual doesn't explain the basics the armorer would already know.



Thanks for looking and Happy Shooting!
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