WTS FN MAG-58 or M240B M249 M122 M249S M192 Lightweight Tripod 3 Types SEE PICS

Location: Western NC

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1st Type  WTS FN Rare Type MAG-58 Titanium tripod of the 360 degree type, It has a built in BUFFERED SHOCK ABSORBING  CRADLE, also works for M249 SAW or M240 LMG's ,

This type swivels all the way around 360 degrees as the name implies, and you can sit behind it instead of having to lay down to use it. Comes with side box rack.

mint condition, sold

2nd Type, M192 GI Newest Type M249 or M240 LMG Tripod, This is the lightweight best US GI tripod that folds up really small. Complete with Built in T&E Ready to go to the range... Ultimate Man cave Display!!! 975.00


3rd Type, M2/M122 type Browning Tripod with M249 and M240 set of adapters, , Included T&E Mechanism with M249 Adapter,and Pintle for M249 and M240 . 725.00

All kinds of M240/ M249 and M249S Parts and accessories, Short and Long barrels, Drums, ammo feeding devices, Slings, tools, SEE MY OTHER ADS HERE ON STURM.  Please let me know what you need.

ALSO have a  Buffered cradle for the M249 and M240 for the M122 tripod, (See pic below) 

very scarce. 550.00 

828-773-1938  Email Direct , GPrue8@aol.com


Alpine Military Concepts

a mag tripod.jpg

a mag tripod 2.jpg

a mag tripod 3.jpg

249 tripod.jpg

a m192 tripod full pic.jpg

a m192 tripod t&e.jpg

tripod m192.jpg

122 tripod.jpg

249 tripod pic.JPG

FN 240 249 tripod.jpeg


m240 soft cradle side.jpg

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m192 lightweight tripod just in stock

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