WTB: Vickers Left Side Plate

Location: Dakota City, NE

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Bought a kit a few days ago and it is missing the left side plate, looking to replace it with either an original or a reproduction. If anyone has one they would be willing to part with I would love the opportunity to take it off your hands. Or if anyone knows of a vendor that sells a replacement I would be interested.

Dustyn J

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DUSTYN, I believe LEE TOOL has both side plates .  It so, they will be new after market and may not have any holes or the cams installed . also most of his plates DO NOT have the required " DENIAL ISLANDS" to prevent original parts assembly. you would need to add that to the RIGHT PLATE BEFORE doing anything else. ATF made a special ruling concerning VICKERS RIGHT PLATES.   IE;  A Vickers RIGHT plate WITHOUT the DENIAL IS A MACHINE GUN BY ITSELF   no other parts need be present. a plate cut to shape without any holes  is just a piece of steel. drill one hole, its a machine gun. for an original you might check with BRP CORP, the have a ton of Vickers stuff and its not sorted, so it changes from time to time  also keep watch  at   IMA- USA  they often list new stuff  but they LOVE to ship the junk FIRST and returns are TOUGH! so beware  GOOD LUCK  MIKE TODD

I only accept postal money orders. contact me DIRECTLY before sending any funds                                           email        

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