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Dillon 650 5.7x28 reloading experiment

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I started an experiment close to 15 years ago in getting a caliber conversion for the Dillon 650 reloading press. I went to production with some of the non critical parts where some of the more critical parts that may still need some tweaking were only done as one offs. I am not sure if reloading gear is right for this page, but I will post what I have. If the mods need to whack the post, it will be understood. That and perhaps I could be directed towards a place where reloading gear sales are tolerated.


So I have the starting of a full caliber conversion kit for a Dillon 650 that either I, or  friends custom machined for me. Anyone who is interested in taking over the project, or just wants to fool around with it, let me know. I have put close to $3000 in to it and will take pennies on the dollar for what I have. But you must take the whole lot.  If you pitch it, that is on you. I hate waste and would love to see someone take up this project and bring it to fruition. 


1 shell plate

300 shell locator buttons

100 case feeder tube adapter parts

3000 empty cases

RCBS die set 


E-mail me and make an offer. (253)632-5643



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