hk91 UZI PARTS & HK G3, 91, PTR 91 Complete Bolt Assembly + Extras

Location: Kokomo, IN.

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I have the following items available for sale. All prices include shipping. All parts are like new surplus parts and brand new parts that i used to build a functioning gun i fired maybe a dozen times. Either NOS Israeli or NOS German and various new parts from the usual vendors. Also listed is spares i acquired of various things. The magazines are a mix of NOS and lightly used. Be sure to see the receiver I have for sale HERE

1 16 inch semi auto barrel from US Barrel Shrouds HERE $100.00

1 Israeli barrel nut: $15.00 

1 striker assembly with chrome plated firing pin: $75.00

1 semi 9mm full lip bolt as shown HERE $300.00 comes with recoil spring.

1 recoil buffer: $15.00

2 folding metal stocks: $25.00 each.

2 ratcheting and 4 non ratcheting top covers: Your choice $12.75 each or all 6 for $60.00 

2 DES lower grip assemblies complete less sear: $65.00 each or save $10 and get both for $120.00

1 gorgeous quick detach wood stock. Absolutely perfect! $45.00

1 Title II Arms faux suppressor AS SHOWN HERE (replaces barrel nut and hides a goofy looking 16 in barrel well): $65.00 

14 - 32 round magazines: ALL $160.00 

1 US made semi auto sear: $25.00 

5 mod A rear sight nuts: ALL $10.00

2 barrel nut catches with spring: $6.00 ea or both for $10.00

1 set used grip panels good: $13.00

1 accessory set that includes a tan canvas 6 mag pouch, mod A front sight tool, muzzle cover, 2 slings and cleaning rod. As shown here except comes with 2 slings: $25.00 or $20 when bought with another item.


I accept paypal discreet (send money to friends and family) or add 3% to be invoiced. 
DM me for payment info and photo requests of any item.  


I also have for sale 1 like new (factory test firing only) complete bolt assembly for HK 91, HK G3, PTR 91 and any other compatible clone.

Comes with standard locking piece, firing pin and firing pin spring as shown. 

This Item is A Complete Bolt Head Using A Combination Of New HK German & US Made Parts.

Bolt Head Counts as 1 US made compliance part for the 922R compliance.

  • HK 91
  • HK G3
  • PTR-91
  • SAR3/8
  • Other HK .308 Clones or Custom builds.



I accept PayPal and POSTAL money orders only.

DM me for payment info. Reply to listing for any other questions.



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Was $110.00. Reduced to $100 SHIPPED.



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Just added uzi parts as of July 10 2018. I'll re-up my membership as soon as i sell a cpl things.

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