SOLD M11/9 9mm Lower Build Set SEMI or FA Sub Gun

Location: Kokomo, IN.

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I have for sale 2 new receiver flats, one mag well/ trigger guard/ feed ramp, one rear sight and front receiver tab (from NOS "demilled" SWD sub gun).

One flat is all ready for a sub build and the other is blank. (ALL NFA RULES APPLY)

This is easily a $180.00 value and the receiver flats are very hard to find these days. Good ones like these 4130 steel flats that are spec thickness, are at least $60 ea when you can.

Example: http://www.cobray.com/acc-32-cobray-frame-flat-details.aspx

Example: http://www.ftfindustries.com/category/MCWP.html

$109.00 SHIPPED Conus.

I accept Postal MO, PayPal and CC. Add 3% for PayPal and CC.

If you are paying via PayPal, give me your registered PayPal email and let me invoice you.


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