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*****Please contact me at mclmminsc at gmail dot com for the fastest response

I picked this up from an estate sale of a local HK collector. It has some obvious handling marks on it, and he took a little off the front and back strap stippling, but other than that it is very good to go. There is a inch long or so mark in the maritime finish on top of the slide, but it is not deep. This finish can fool you on how it looks vs how it actually is. I have fired 20 rounds through the pistol. I would estimate from looking at it the original owner fired it VERY little. These usually wear on the barrel hood and barrel pretty quick and this one is pretty clean as you can tell. I did not do a deep/detail clean. I just wiped it down with ballistol, so what you see is how the pistol has been since it was bought. It comes as you see it, one mag that is also in like new shape. I will provide a plastic hard case for shipping purposes.

I am putting together a Mk23 w/RMR06 and KAC can. I just cannot bring myself to have a maritime finish pistol milled. This would be better suited for a collector. Besides, I've already god another newer Mk23 lined up. According to HKPro I believe the serial # puts this one under the first 1000 made for the civilian market, but I am no expert.

I am asking $1450 shipped obo. Do not be afraid to make an offer, obviously no low ball offers, but what you feel is fair. I would prefer discreet PP. Cashiers check or MO is fine too, but PP is easier for me. I will discount it $75 if PP is used because of the logistics/time it saves on my end.

The one picture of the non-ejection port side looks like there is a finish blem halfway down the slide. This is not so, it is where I touched it after wiping it with oil.

You can email me for more detailed pics, Thanks





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