WTS MK-48 LMG Complete conversion kit with receiver build parts available SEE PICS

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At long last you can now have the extremely elusive and RARE MK-48 Light Machine Gun, (Being 6 Pounds lighter than the M240 for a great tactical advantage) We now  have a small quantity only of the complete MK-48 LMG 7.62 parts kit to Convert the M249 or MK46 to 7.62 from 5.56mm . All parts are new and Mil-Spec quality by an ISO-9001 Certified Cage Code military contractor to ensure the best quality possible.

This is all the parts needed to Change caliber from 5.56 to 7.62 NATO. (Some minor Mods to your receiver are needed and MGA can assist in these Mods to your existing receiver.) 

We can assure they are accomplished precisely to allow a trouble free reliable conversion that can be changed back and forth as desired. (The cost is very reasonable)

If you want the MK-48 to be a new dedicated weapon, the receiver subcomponents are available to do a Class 2 Build which will allow simple caliber change from 7.62 to 5.56 with parts swapping creating 2 weapons in one, (As is accomplehed in the HK-21E/23E series ) See pics below for the parts supplied for 3250.00 added.

7.62 NATO Conversion consists ot the following; Cost is 6,000.00 plus shipping.

1. Complete 7.62 NATO Op-rod and Slide Bolt group ready to install.

2, Complete 7.62 NATO Top Feed cover with torque strengthening supports installed.

3, Feed tray assembly in 7.62 NATO with belt holding Pawls.

4. Barrel Assembly in 7.62 NATO complete with carry handle and Front sight ready to use, (Spare barrel available at additional Cost)

5. Trigger group complete  designed for 7.62 NATO use.

7. 7.62 NATO Ejector assembly complete with all 3 parts.

8. Top Cover Hinge Pin Group complete

9. 7.62 NATO Sized Port Ejection cover

Cost for these parts is 6,000.00 plus shipping with immediate delivery.

With the cost of the MK-48 from FN approaching 22,000 this is a great way with minimal effort and expense to have a very desirable and RARE LMG at roughly half of the cost making it an extremely affordable project..

If desired for the dedicated builder/Class 2 manufacturer the complete set of receiver components are ready to ship, These are non-restricted and it's up to you to comply with registration and applicable licenses to complete the building into a functional weapon yourself or allow us to assist you in the building at our licensed facility for completion with you present at additional minor cost.


You will receive the following build components as mentioned above at the cost of 3,250.00

1. Receiver channel uncompleted

2, Trunnion complete

3, Rear bridge complete

4. Left and Right Guide rails complete

5. Cocking channel complete

6. Front bearing bushing complete for Bipod and gas support.

7. Trigger group bushing

Pictures show complete MK-48 LMG with added accessories showing Bipod, Rail system, MG Optic, all available at additional cost.

Contact me direct at 828-773-1938 Alpine Military Concepts, GPrue8@aol.com

Many M249S parts and accessories are also available such as spare Barrels, Improved Bipods, Nutsacks in 100 rnd and 200 rnd, Trpods, Front Tri-Rail assemblies with forward Grip, Top Barrel Heatshields, Collapsible and fixed stocks, slings, and various spare parts depending on availablilty presently.

A MK48 complete.jpg

A MK48 conv.resized.jpg

a MK48 rec. resized.jpg

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Do you have reciever channels for sail

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What all has to be done to the M249 receiver in order to shoot 7.62? I guess it really shortens the life of a M249?

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I saw a ad in a military publication talking big about the "new modular M249" and its capability of being converted between the two calibers. That was last spring and I have heard any talk regarding re-work programs or purchase of new guns that can be switched between calibers, i.e. "two guns in one". I wonder if actually testing didn't go so well.

Yes the M249 tears up 5.56 casings. I would think the 7.62 chambering would tear up the M249!

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