WTS/WTT Rare 43M/A SMG Danuvia 9 x 25mm Mauser Export, Folder

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This is a Hungarian submachine gun designed by Pál Király in the late 1930s. I was told some were utilized by a limited number of German Forces on the Eastern Front when they were captured. They were well liked in the serve conditions on that front. The cartridge is the 9mm Mauser Export or 9x25mm Mauser.  The gun has a feature of a fold away mag which is parallel to the barrel when not deployed. This is the only example I know of in the US other than the example in Reed Knight’s Institute of Military Technology.  It was reactivated by Frank Hatten for me some years ago and it performs well. It comes with 2 original mags and some loaded ammo. Also included will be new cases (1K) and loading data. It is in excellent firing condition. I will advise that the mag well assembly has some pitting present which was addressed when refinished by Frank.


I am a shooter rather than a collector and I have no desire to retain this SMG. Thus it will go in a reasonable arrangement to others… That can be a trade Up or Down for other interesting C3, DD, Needed parts (MG81/MG81Z, Stoner 63/63A, Hollywood, Sudanese or Portuguese AR10’s) and original Military Sniper Rifles. I do have a current desire for a Pre Sample Ultimax 100 Mark 3 and a Pre Sample or Transferable DP/DPM. I am in no need of a rapid sale or deal on this, so don’t waste my time with low ball, Ludacris, offers.  My price is $50,000.00


They can be inspected in my facility in Pgh, PA area by appointment. I have been in the Class 3 arena for over 25 years and have a long line of references.


Email to FCLoganSPAM@FLOCOmaps.COM. Pls remove MAPS and SPAM from the EM address




Charlie Logan














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