WTS/WTT Rare Prototype TSMG’s BSA Mfg’d Sr # 2 and US Model T2

Location: Pgh PA

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TSMG #1 Aberdeen Proving Grounds Model T2 U.S. Manufacture Prototype. This is the actual SMG used for the testing in WW2!


TSMG #2 English BSA Mfg Sr# 2 TSMG in 45 Caliber. One of very few built and the only I have seen come to market in the last 15-20 years I know of …


I could reiterate all the history, etc. on these SMG here, but I’d just as well defer you all to the information on the MACHINE GUN BOARDS site at

All the gents there have chewed on this for a few years… I will provide a full package of history and provenance with the SMG's


I am a shooter rather than a collector and I have no desire to retain these guns. Thus they will go in a reasonable arrangement to others… That can be a trade Up or Down for other interesting C3, DD, Needed parts (MG81/MG81Z, Stoner 63/63A, Hollywood, Sudanese or Portuguese AR10’s) and original Military Sniper Rifles. I do have an current desire for a Pre Sample Ultimax 100 Mark 3 and a Pre Sample or Transferable DP/DPM. Any less common nice shooter grade MG's DD's are of interest!


These guns came within 15K of the reserve I had on each in a past auction. I am in no need of a rapid sale or deal on these, so please don't waste my time with low ball, Ludacris, offers.


They can be inspected in my facility in Pgh, PA area by appointment. I have been in the Class 3 arena for over 25 years and have a long line of references.


Email to FCLoganSPAM@FLOCOmaps.COM. Pls remove MAPS and SPAM from the EM address




Charlie Logan













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