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A-CAV ACAV M113 APC M60 M-60 Gun Shield Armored Personnel Carrier Vietnam for Browning 1919 M60 .30 caliber Armor Shield, w/Pintle

Location: Ellisville, MS

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Picked this up from Knob Creek a few years ago.   It's an A-CAV ACAV M113 APC M60 M-60 Gun Shield Armored Personnel Carrier.  Has some surface rust. A 1919 fit's perfectly in it but the ammo tray is too far back.  Could be modified by cutting off the ammo tray.  One forward flap missing.  Otherwise in great shape.  $800 Or best offer.  Shipping is extra UPS ground.  Weigh's 84 pounds so I can get you an estimate but an idea from here to AZ ground is approx. $60 so it's not too bad.   Trade interests: HMMWV armored parts.





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