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Novem 9mm bolt action carbine with threaded barrel.

Location: Gardnerville, NV

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WTS "Novem" 9mm Bolt Action carbines, NIB $750 - $850

Now doing a new product, the "Novem" 9mm bolt action conversion on NEW Armscor 22 TCM rifles.

Full details at my site.

There has not been a new 9mm bolt action carbine available since the Destroyer Carbine in 9mm Largo was discontinued.
Now modifying new Armscor .22 TCM rifles to 9mm Luger using a newly made barrel.
Available with a standard 16.5" barrel or as a Non-NFA "Short barrel" with integral cage to keep it a 16" title one firearm with no long wait.
For suppressor use the manual bolt action eliminates the unavoidable action noise of any semi-auto firearm.

 A 1/2-28 threaded muzzle for use with suppressors is standard, with a delete option.
 Original carbine magazines hold five rounds in 9mm.
The Armscor pistol magazines also interchange for seventeen round capacity in 9mm.
Our conversions are lighter than the original 22 TCM.
They are a very handy for use by youth/ladies with their shorter than stock barrels and minimal recoil.
The receiver features an 12 mm dovetail for scope mounting.
Tried the Novem with a couple of big name screw-on cans.
If you want the absolute quietest shot you MUST have a closed breech action like the Novem!
The difference is clear and substantial.


Also available in .40 sw, 10 mm, and .38 Super. Max chamber pressure 38,000 PSI.


The extra large cup/cage was a special order.

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