Suppressors and UMP40 for sale..

Location: Magnolia, AR

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I have some extra cans i have had on my books to long. ready to move a few. clear space. Some are Demo with few rounds through them so i can tell my customers how they sound. others are new unfired through. these are below dealer. and i will cover shipping. can use paypal gift or cover fee's. or CC plus the fee's . I use e-forms so quick turn around. 

I have 5 consecutive serial number SiCo Warlock 2's at 180 each. new

Hybrid. new 650.00

Dead air wolverine (demo'd) 600.00 

Also have a post sample UMP 40 that has 4 position pack. It's in a form 5. I bought 2 but could only get one from this dept but I'm selling the one I couldn't get. It'll have surefire light also


Price is 1700 plus shipping. Mp5 not for sale. 


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