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BRP Stemple 76 - STG U7.62 Setup (special nickel boron edition)

Location: Georgia

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Transferable MG - Unused / new condition:  

on Form 3 in Georgia





The STG Universal 7.62 is our 7.62x25 setup for the Stemple 76/45 machine gun.  It features a simple, smooth-running blow-back system.  It makes use of an adjustable-weight bolt system to dissipate the energy in the recoiling mass.  With the addition of a hydraulic buffer, these are the most smooth, controllable, and versatile subguns on the transferable market.  As such it can shoot high pressure 7.62X25 and relatively weak 9mm ammo at very low cyclic rates.  


This setup utilizes AR pattern stocks, AR pattern grips, and multiple picatinny mount options for maximum versatility.    It also easily converts to 9mm simply by changing the barrel and running the 9mm though the PPS43 magazines. 


This particular one is a special edition that has NiB One  plating on the lower housing assembly, shield, buffer tube, and barrel jacket.   The trigger pack on this gun is the Swedish M37 pattern with a large trigger guard opening compared to the KP31 trigger packs we normally use.


If you are going to buy a transferable machine gun for some serious shooting, you should consider the Stemple Takedown Guns for these reasons:


They are ‘new’:

Well, the receivers are nearly 30 years old but the Stemple Takedown Gun (STG) setups are complete new parts packages installed on unused pre-1986 transferable Stemple 76/45 machine gun receivers.


Simple / Durable Design: 

These guns are very difficult to break and very easy to fix.  They are simple blow-back guns and very smooth-running in long full-auto bursts.  Some of our customers who own the 9mm guns liken the full-auto performance to a laser beam. 



Takes standard AR grips, Ace pattern & AR pattern stocks, as well as a variety of shroud, barrel, & mounting options.


Easy to Replace Parts:  

There’s nothing on these guns that can’t be easily replaced.  We designed this system to protect the registered receiver from any wear during use.  The only parts that can wear can be easily replaced without the need to ship the gun back and forth.


Available Service:  

If you need service, we are here to support our products.


Shoot Cheap Ammo:  

We typically just shoot steel-cased ammo.  Our milled steel trunions easily deal with potential wear issues from any type of ammo.


Parts and Accessories Included With This Gun: foregrip, bipod, 5 PPS-43 magazines, multi-tool, barrel locknut/muzzle cap tool, 9mm barrel for the 9mm conversion


(sights not included)

Action: Open Bolt and Select-Fire


Caliber:   9mm and 7.62x25


Barrel: Quick-Change.  10” for 7.62x25, available lengths for 9mm setup: 10”, 12.75”, and 16”


Weight: 8 lbs with Aluminum shroud setup, 

Magazine: original PPS-43 (capacity 35)


This Stemple 76/45 setup is part of "Universal" series and is fully compatible with the other setups and packages in the product line (e.g. U45, U9, U9SF, 34k, U7.62, & STG76 setups).



To our customers:

It is our pleasure to offer our customers free training at our facility near Athens, GA.  We cover assembly, disassembly, maintenance, troubleshooting, and alternate configurations.  This one-on-one course takes approximately 4 hours.   If time allows, we can go to the nearby range to shoot as well.



Please don’t hesitate to call or write if we can be of further assistance. Also, please go to our web site for more information, pictures, and videos of our products.

Office/Fax: 678-425-9585

















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