WTS S&W Smith & Wesson Project A Flare Pen Gun

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S&W Smith & Wesson Project A Flare Pen Gun

Vintage production MAY 1975 S&W “Project-A-Flare" kit from Smith & Wesson. Easy-to-carry kit was designed for emergency use by hunters, anglers, and outdoors men. The red poly kit measures approx. 6” long by about 2 1/8” tall. Width is about 1” and the entire kit easily fits into a pocket when afield. This nifty Flare Projector kit consists of a hand held, aluminum alloy launching pen of about 5" length which has a threaded flare holder at the top end. The combo trigger & safety button with blued steel head is visible just below the top. This trigger/safety button slides back along a spring loaded, milled groove in the pen to power the firing pin. The inset notch to right is the manual “Safety” position. The pen launcher is lightweight and has a lanyard ring on the bottom cap. Launcher fits securely into fitted groove on top of the kit until needed. Top strap of kit lifts to reveal a row of eight (8) aluminum cased flares with threaded butts containing the actual primer. To utilize the flares in an emergency, the pen is simply screwed onto the flare & pulled to remove it from the secure pocket of the kit. It is then ready for firing with pen pointed upwards & away from the body. There are eight (8)original 22 cal rimfire flares in the kit, still resting securely within the pockets of the kit. Condition is new unused. Pictures show condition. Apparently any stickers on the case are gone after 40 years. $175 shipped or best offer.







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