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I no longer have a .50 cal so I have decided to sell the remaining ammunition I have. I have a misc. variety of types as you can tell by the pictures and list. I am selling this for anywhere from $3.00 a round up to $60.00 a round. They have been kept in a temperature controlled enviroment. If you have any questions, please let me know. I also have 60 rounds that are linked if interested I just don't remember what they were. I think it might be AP. Must be of legal age to buy. Please know your local laws. Here's the list. If someone is interested in the entire lot, I will cut you an even better deal. I need to try to move this today or tomorrow. Thank you, Jason 503-949-7373

15 rounds : 700 grn. M2 Match Moly Coated "CAL 50" brass stamp                 $6.00 each
93 rounds : 647 grn. API "LC 03" brass stamp                                              $3.00 each
50 rounds : 750 grn. AMAX Super Match Moly Coated "CAL 50" brass stamp   $6.50 each
20 rounds : 750 grn. AMAX "IMI 01" brass stamp                                         $6.00 each
10 rounds : 750 grn. Super Match Teflon Coated "CAL 50" brass stamp          $6.50 each
10 rounds : 750 grn. Hollow Point Bore Rider "CAL 50" brass stamp               $6.50 each
  5 rounds : MK211 Raufoss "FNB 91" brass stamp                                        $60.00 each






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