WTS: G36 Parts and Accessories

Location: Draper, UT

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All in stock and ready to ship! 


Cocking Handle For HK G36 & SL8 - USA

WTS: G36 Parts and Accessories-cocking-handle-hk-g36-sl8-usa-1.jpg

Price: $49.95

G36C, G36K Gas Piston German HK

WTS: G36 Parts and Accessories-g36c-g36k-gas-piston-german-hk-1.jpg

Price: $74.95

G36K Barrel Front End Kit With Extended Flash Hider - G36K

WTS: G36 Parts and Accessories-g36k-barrel-front-end-kit-extended-flash-hider-g36k-1.jpg

Price: $779.95

HK G36, G36K Folding Stock

WTS: G36 Parts and Accessories-hk-g36-g36k-folding-stock-1.jpg

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