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just cking on Seaman GomielKiev @gmail .com, lives in Denver, did not send payment type requested so I`m doing my checking to see if anyone has dealt with him or is this a possible scammer. Thanks all This is a GREAT board

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Robert, you are not answering my emails and phone calls. 

I bought on this forum in November 2016 M230 kit from Corporal JustinC, you can ask him for reference.( I bought some stuff on ar15, 1919a4 forums and gunbroker, if you are active there I can send you references)

I could not send you BoFa or WF check, b/c I don't have account at those banks. I sent you certified check from Chase bank. You can deposit it into your bank account and get cash immediately out. 

Certified Checks

Certified checks are referred to as "certified" because they carry a guarantee from the payer's bank that funds will be available upon redemption of the check. Unlike regular personal checks, certified checks must be endorsed by both the payer and the bank in a transaction, adding a layer of protection for recipients. The bank signature acts as a third-party promise that funds are currently available and will be held earmarked for the specific check. If funds are not available or a certified check is not accepted, recipients can file legal action against both the payer and the underlying bank, who can both be held liable for failure to pay. If a bank signature has been forged on a certified check, however, or if the check has been outstanding for longer than a set amount of time stipulated on the check, the bank is not legally required to honor the payment.


What else do you need from me, so you can send gun out?



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AS everyone knows CERTIFIED BANK CHECKS  CAN AND ARE FORGED AND YES YOU CAN GET IMMEDIATE CASH BUT WHEN THE CK BOUNCES AT A LATER DATE FUNDS  ARE REMOVED FROM YOUR ACCOUNT  Since you failed to send payment as requested  you will need to wait 30 days  or you can have the check cancelled and send funds as requested for next day shipping. Go read your emails and stop constantly calling , it just makes this transaction all the more looking like a scam.

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