Schultz and Larsen Target 22

Location: Ft Worth, TX

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Shultz and Larsen Olympic 22 rifle story I got with the rifle is that it came out of one of the com block countries and went to the '84 Olympics but I have nothing to prove that story correct.

Lyman style sights Rear quick release peep. Front globe with interchangeable inserts (standard post in now and all that is included).
Anschutz style thumbhole stock with adjustable ram horn but plate. Handstop is missing from pistol grip but there is a t-grove track for it.
Forward press set trigger inside trigger guard with adjustable post firing trigger. Trigger will set and fire without setting the firing pin allowing for trigger practice without damaging the firing pin.
Full no taper heavy barrel
Forearm of stock have accessory rail inset for screw in hand stops, sling mount, bi-pod Knurled sling mount included but no sling.
I sandbagged the rifle at 40yrds and shot a ragged hole with Wolf target 22.


Asking $700 shipped to FFL or local FTF   I have pics I can email

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Is this rifle still available?

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