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BRP Stemple 76 STG U9/U45 package

Location: Winder, GA

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Transferable MG -  NEW/Unused condition

on Form 3 in Georgia


This package is a subgunner's dream.  All in one box you've got a complete package to shoot 45ACP with Grease Gun mags or 9mm with Suomi drums and one suppressor to work with both calibers.  Switching calibers simply requires changing the bolt, barrel, and magazine housing.  It features a simple, smooth-running blow-back system.   With the addition of a hydraulic buffer, these are the most smooth, controllable, and versatile subguns on the transferable market.  It's so smooth due to the weight, layout, and action; you can actually watch your target being hit through a 4x scope while shooting long bursts.   This setup utilizes AR pattern stocks, AR pattern grips, and multiple picatinny mount options for maximum versatility.  


The package include the following parts: 


• Stemple (STG) U45 Machine Gun with Heavy Bolt System: Variable weight bolt system with hydraulic buffer that allows shooters to customize performance with a variety of different ammo as well as the 45 to 9mm caliber conversion.


• 2 x M3 Grease Gun Magazines


• U9 Converison (bolt, barrel, magazine housing)


• 2 x Suomi Drums


• 1 x Suomi Magazine


• Custom Hard Case


• 45 ACP suppressor for use with both 45 ACP and 9mm setups


• foregrip, bipod, multi-tool, & barrel locknut/muzzle cap tool


  (sights not included)




U45 Data


Select-Fire with Quick-Change Barrel


Heavy Bolt System for M3 Grease-Gun-like shooting performance 


Magazine: M3 Grease Gun (unmodified) 30 rds


Weight: 9.3 lbs


Cycle Rate: 500-650 adjustable


Barrel Length: 10.35" threaded .578-28 to use common suppressor


U9 (SF) Conversion Data:


Magazine: Suomi KP31 25 rd, 36 rd, 50 rd magazines and 40 rd & 70 rd drums


Cycle Rate: 550-800 adjustable 


Barrel Length: 10.35" threaded .578-28 to use common suppressor








To our customers:

I’m a firm believer in ‘try before you buy’.   If you’d like to see and shoot some of our guns I’d encourage you to make a trip to our facility in GA.  It would be our pleasure to host.   We cover assembly, disassembly, maintenance, troubleshooting, and alternate configurations.  This one-on-one course takes approximately 4 hours.   We can also go to the nearby range to shoot as well.



Please don’t hesitate to call or write if we can be of further assistance. Also, please go to our web site for more information, pictures, and videos of our products.

Office/Fax: 678-425-9585





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