WTB: Browning .303 MK I/II Parts

Location: Canton, GA USA

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I recently purchased a barrel, back plate, and barrel extension from a British .303 Browning.   I've been following my friend samorgan's progress and am now looking to add some more parts.  

I'm looking for good condition British barrel jackets, boosters, flash hiders, bearings and a trunnion.  Please let me know if you know of any available.

Thank you,


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Hi Chris:

Are you building a postie or a semi?

I have an original gun, so have many spares.  Of course you know it fires from an open bolt, and very few parts are the same as ANM2s.

How are you going to fire the gun? spades won't work, most of the guns were set up in flex mounts, although there is a scarce pistol grip.

I have sideplates, trunnions, bbl jackets, lock frames, bolts, etc, even a flex mt. Good luck on the flash hider!

What are you looking to spend?


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