HK-AR SEF Style Lower C/P PTR, 91, 93, MP5

Location: Draper, UT

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Our 100% U.S.A made, CNC machined, aircraft grade aluminum lower is a perfect way to stay 922R compliant while creating a unique, custom look to your roller lock firearm! 

The HK-AR lower grip frame allows your SEF style HK trigger pack to drop right in. Our new modular design allows the user to add any AR grip, AR trigger guard to make our own unique custom feel and setup. With literally hundreds of AR15 grips on the market this lower enables you to choose from a huge selection of AR grips to build a look and lower that is truly your own. As an added bonus this lower option will add 1 USA made part. Simply add a USA made pistol grip such as a Magpul, BCM, etc and you have will have a total of 2 USA compliant parts. Our lower system also features a built in QD attachment point on the rear of the lower for the ultimate in enhancement and usability.


  • Accepts all SEF style semi trigger packs
  • Long axled SEF selector levers will fit and work properly
  • Built in QD sling attachment point on the rear of the housing for slings
  • Weight 7 ounces & cerakoted HK black
  • Works will all HK registered SEF F/A trigger packs (NFA rules apply)
  • Accepts any AR15 style pistol grip and trigger guard
  • Lifetime Warranty! Finest, HK-AR grip on the market
  • USA made and counts as 1 922R part with the option of adding a second 922 part with the addition of any USA made AR pistol grip
  • Simply the finest HK-AR grip at the best price in the country!
  • Fits all semi auto shelved in spec firearms such as:
  • G3, 91, PTR, C308/CETME (with HK trigger pack & selector lever )
  • HK93,33,53, C93, C53
  • HKMP5, HK94, Omega, DTAC, TPM
  • Clones or other custom builds
  • Will not fit or work with push pin style lowers such as Zenith, POF or other swing down push pin firearms.

Price: $149.95

Follow the link for more details and to order online. You can also order through the phone at (801) 987-3494



Click here for our complete inventory and kits available here at HK parts.

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