WTS: Micro Comp - 9mm 13.5 X 1 - VP9, P30/P30L Tactical

Location: Draper, UT

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HK VP9 Tactical, P30 Tactical & P30L Tactical Micro Comp - 13.5 X 1 LH

Made from aircraft grade billeted 7075 grade III hard anodized aluminum

If you have a 13.5 X 1 threaded pistol barrel then the HK quick comp will work perfectly. With the addition of the HK VP9/P30 micro comp, this adds less than 1/2 of an inch to the overall length. However, this comp will diminish recoil to nearly nothing and reduce most of the muzzle climb. This is the most effective pistol comp ever made for the HK series of firearms. The HK comp will keep your gun shooting flat and followup shots faster than ever before. This comp was designed specifically for the HK VP9 and P30 series of firearms but will work with many other firearm applications if the barrel is threaded 13.5 X 1 Left Hand Metric threading and in 9mm caliber only.

HK VP9, VP9 Tactical
P30, P30S, P30L, P30SK
Many other pistol caliber barrels in 13.5 X 1 such as Glock, Sig, etc.

Dimensions: Length (installed) .50" X Width .70" X Height .80"

Price: $49.95

Follow the link for more details and to order online. You can also order through the phone at (801) 987-3494

HK Micro Comp


Click here for our complete inventory and kits available here at HK parts.

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