WTS M2HB .50 cal.Browning Barrel extension exc. 200.00 & other M2HB Parts

Location: Boone NC

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I have 1 exc. like new .50 BMG M2 Barrel extension  200.00

.50 Cal, M2HB QD Double rail Scope mount for Thermal or day sight,3 lock QD system, New in Factory box!!! 175.00

.50 Flash hider  complete 40.00

.50 Head space and timing gage complete . 50.00

.50 Extractor assembly new 60.00

.50 Barrel carry handle assembly. as new 40.00

.50 Recoil spring assembly new, 40.00

.50 Tripod T&E complete For M3 Tripod exc. newest type with QD Pin

.50 Tripod pintle exc. with cross Bolt 60.00

.50 Complete Cleaning kit for M2HB 40.00

.50 Broken shell extractor , new 25.00

.50 Cocking handle .35.00

.50 Buffer spring, new 25.00

Various small parts for the M2HB Enquire and I wil get you a list.

GPrue8@aol.com is best and quickest

or call 828-773-1938  Greg

Alpine Military Concepts

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