WTS/WTT: 20mm U.S. M3/M24 beltfed dummy/display Hispano machinegun $950

Location: St. Loius, MO

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I have a display/dummy gun for sale or trade.  It is a U.S. M3 (M24) type 20mm Hispano Suiza autocannon.  It would make an impressive display piece for a gun shop or man cave.  It weighs around 100 lbs.

IT CAN NOT BE MADE LIVE AGAIN.  It was made up from parts of a real gun that was demilled.  There are no servicable parts on this dummy.

$950.  I would like to get cash for it, but I will listen to trade offers.  Trades need to be close in value, or over.  Nothing specific in mind, but 1911s, Glocks, ARs, AKs...

I WILL NOT SHIP IT, but I will be headed to louisville, KY (Knob Creek) in a little over a week and can deliver it anywhere along the way.





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Are you bringing it to KCR? Would be interested in looking at it if so. 

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