WTB Group Industries AR16/M16

Location: Central Texas

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Anyone have a Group Industries registered lower for sale?

I will need to examine it in person and the Form 4.

I will report scammers to the authorities. 

I'm a serious buyer. 

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So I tried calling this place  

First, their phone number is not on their website. The price is not on their website, which is usually a bad sign, in my experience.

Then when I call I get hung up on. So I call back.

I get a salesperson and the guy asks me, sir you know this is a machine gun? Well, I did refer to it specifically as the Group Industries AR lower.

Then he puts me on hold and tells me, sir, the Class 3 manager is out for the day. The salesperson who answered the phone has no clue as to the price.

I guess they're not really trying to sell it.


I'll try again tomorrow.

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